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Luis & Family

Luis, his parents and sisters stayed with us for 3 months at the Baer/Hart apartment.  As Luis was nearing the end of his life, family and friends were able to come say goodbye, using the apartment as a home base for food, naps and showers. Sadly, on August 26, 2018,  Luis lost his 4-year battle with Ewing Sarcoma.  He had just celebrated his 20th birthday.  Luis was a talented artist, a kind soul and a die-hard Star Wars fan.  He and his family were loved by the doctors and nurses who treated him, his social workers and everyone at Yellow Door.  We  miss you Luis. 


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Riley & Family

 4-year-oldRiley was born with a heart defect and came to UVA Children's hospital from Capron, Virginia for a transplant.  Doctors said that Riley holds the record for the quickest heart transplant recovery - released after only 13 days!   Riley and mom Samantha stayed at a Yellow Door apartment after her release from UVA.  Riley is now at home and thriving.


Jose Gabriel & Family

4-year old Jose Gabriel is the most complex pediatric patient we have had at Yellow Door.  Jose suffers from cerebral palsy, seizure disorders and a host of other issues!  His family is very grateful to UVA Children's hospital for saving his life.  Jose Gabriel's new normal is relying on a trach and a ventilator simply to breathe, which makes him extremely immuno-compromised.  The family has stayed at our apartments on two separate occasions.  To make things more challenging for his wonderful father and mother, 3-year old sister Anaiah is as yet unable to walk.

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Khansaa & Family

Baby Khansaa was born with a congenital heart defect known as Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, which can only be cured by a heart transplant.  For Khansaa, the transplant took place on September 27, 2018.  This special little girl recovered for 4 months at Yellow Door's Kappa  apartment, along with her parents and 4 brothers!  Dad said "when it comes to support, unparalleled hospitality and love for our precious Khansaa and ourselves, the Yellow Door Foundation is in a class by itself."



Silas & Family

We welcomed 4-year-old Silas, his dad and grandmother in November, 2018.  Silas had a heart transplant as an infant . . . a heart that is fully functioning without medications!  Sadly, his compromised immune system allowed a virus to attack his kidneys and he will now require a kidney transplant.

Miami & Family

We welcomed Miami and her family to the Baer/Hart apartment at Yellow Door from their home in West Virginia.  Miami was a straight-A student who had never missed a day of school, but was with us for three months while she battled Leukemia at UVA Children's hospital.  Mom  was with her at all times and her dad, brother, sister and grandma traveled on weekends to lend support. 



Shellie& Family

11-year-old Shellie has a genetic seizure disorder called Early Infant Epileptic Encephalopathy (EIEE), causing her brain to atrophy.  Research has found that more than 50 genes are associated with EIEE, but routine genetic tests fail in at least half the cases to pinpoint the cause of the condition.  This means treatments and therapies are limited and the medical practitioner’s ability to alleviate the child’s symptoms is also limited.  So far, up to 300 daily seizures have cost Shellie her sight and the ability to walk.  Her family and caregiver, who are from Southwest Virginia, have stayed with us on two separate occasions while she was treated at UVA Children's.  Shellie and her amazing family truly touch our hearts.

Jacob & Family

One-year-old Jacob got his new heart and was released "home" to Yellow Door's Kappa  apartment, where he stayed 2 1/2 months for recovery and monitoring.  Mom and sister Elaynah were with him during the week, and dad visited on weekends.

Mom said " Yellow Door allowed myself, my two children and their dad to stay in a very home-like setting while Jacob underwent a heart transplant.  During our stay, my daughter loved walking to all the "parks," the pond, and the play area in the clubhouse.  We were able to have a peaceful and stress free stay.  It allowed Jacob, who is immuno- suppressed, to stay isolated and  heal properly."



Grayson & Family

All of a sudden 16-year-old Grayson was unable to walk.  His spinal cord tumor, originally diagnosed when he was 5 years old, had grown.  While at UVA Children's hospital for a tumor resection, he and his family received a new diagnosis of Stage-4 Glioblastoma, a rapidly growing, malignant brain tumor.  A few days later he suffered a pulmonary embolism, and then a stroke.  After 33 days in the hospital, Grayson was able to join his family at our Dreamer apartment while he was in rehab and undergoing further treatments.  His mom said "we are so grateful to the Yellow Door Foundation for allowing us to use one of the apartments, which is a true haven and a blessing to be able to stay together as a family."

Jadan & Family

16-year-old   Jadan was diagnosed with End Stage Renal (kidney) failure.  For the high school honor student, the diagnosis came out of the blue.  She had to undergo 7 1/2 hours of dialysis daily until a new kidney could be found


Thankfully, Jadan's surgery was successful.  After earning the nickname "Rockstar" at UVA Children's hospital, she and her family, who live in Roanoke,  stayed with us  for 1 month while Jadan continued her recovery at "home" in their Yellow Door apartment.



Gabe & Family

Our Dreamer apartment was home to 5-month-old Gabe and his family following his heart procedure.  Gabe and his 6-year-old sister Annie are both being treated for Cystic Fibrosis.  During a routine exam, Gabe was found to have a congenital heart defect called coarctation of the aorta, a narrowing of the large blood vessel that leads from the heart  He underwent corrective surgery at UVA Children's hospital. 

Ben & Family

​Young Ben was diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS) even before his birth.  He had open heart surgeries at 7-days-old, 6-months-old, and 4-years-old.  Sadly, none of the corrections supported him long, and he went into heart failure just after his 5th birthday, requiring a transplant.

Ben joined the rest of his family at the Baer/Hart apartment and together they took advantage of all the amenities at  Stone Creek Village, especially the pool during the central Virginia summer heat.


Haley & Family

As a young child, Haley, contracted E.coli! This in turn caused HUS (Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome), a blood disorder that lead to kidney failure.


 Haley underwent a successful kidney transplant with Zakk, now her brother-in-law, as her donor!! Haley and her mom were with us at the Dreamer apartment for a few weeks while she recovered.

Trystan & Family


Eight year old Trystan, from the Lynchburg area, had a liver AND kidney transplant , with spleen, gallbladder and appendix removal, and was  at UVA Children's hospital for 54 days.  He spent 6 weeks recovering at our Dreamer apartment, with mom and dad taking turns as caregivers while the other worked.

Mom told us "everything was so perfect, from the location, to the amenities, to having a warm fireplace on our snow day and a playground to play and relax."

Garret & Family

Sixteen-year-old Garret was diagnosed with a brain tumor in December, 2019, and has undergone chemotherapy and radiation.  He and his mom enjoy walks around the grounds at Stone Creek.  Because of Covid-19, his sister has been home from college and has joined them for moral support.  Garret's prognosis is good, and his last day of radiation  is scheduled for April 16 - his 17th birthday!

Jaylen & Family

Jaylen and his father came to us from Martinsville Virginia.  While here, Jaylen's nose and throat cancer was treated with 3 rounds of chemo, followed by radiation.  His four siblings visit when they can.  As dad says "family support means everything to a 15-year-old going through a life-changing experience such as this."

Harmoni & Family

Harmoni was born with pulmonary atresia, a form of heart disease in which the pulmonary valve does not form properly.  Since repair was not an option, she underwent a heart transplant in March, 2020.

Harmoni is with her mom and grandmother at our Rosie's Place apartment during her 2-month recovery.

Benjamin & Family

Benjamin, a healthy 8 year old, woke up one day with a headache and fever. It turned out a bacterial infection had invaded his heart.  After 2 open heart procedures, he underwent a heart transplant!  Benjamin and his mom spent 55 days at UVA Children's, then were released to their Yellow Door Apartment, where Benjamin spent another month regaining his strength.  Benjamin is a Junior US Marshal Deputy, and a black belt in Taekwondo!


Raegan & Family

15-year-old Raegan, her parents, siblings and grandmother were the first guests in the first Yellow Door apartment at Stone Creek Village.  They were with us for 4 months while Raegan battled Leukemia.  Thankfully, Raegan's treatment has been a success.  She is now back home with her family.  They were grateful that Yellow Door was there for them during Raegan's intense treatment at UVA Children's hospital.  Mom said "a huge thank you for everything you've done for us.  It really means a lot!!!!!"