The Yellow Door Foundation, a 501(c)3 charity and member of the University of Virginia Children’s Hospital Housing Collaborative, provides short-term lodging for immunocompromised patients and their families, while the child undergoes treatment.


The apartment is close to the UVA Children’s Hospital (3.6 miles / 11 minutes) and many resources you may need while in Charlottesville (grocery stores, restaurants, movie theater, convenience store/gas stations, etc.


Our ability to offer lodging accommodations for you during this difficult time is dependent upon many donors as well as the support of the Stone Creek Village Apartments.  We are pleased to offer you a place to call “home” while you must be in Charlottesville.  We will do all that we can to assist you in this time of need, but your continued stay is dependent upon your compliance with the rules and regulations of both Stone Creek Village Apartments and Yellow Door. 



In addition to signing and dating this agreement, we ask that you initial each section to indicate your understanding of our requirements.



  1. We encourage you to visit our Lodging Agreement at our website:.

  2. Stone Creek Village requires a criminal background check on each adult living in the apartment.Your occupancy of the apartment is dependent upon an acceptable criminal background report.

  3. What to Bring:

While the apartment is ready for your occupancy, you should consider bringing:

  • soap, shampoo, and other personal items, etc.

  • food and drink to meet your needs.

  • laundry detergent.

  • means of transportation to and from the hospital, grocery store etc.Stuffed Animals:

While we understand the support that stuffed animals provide your child, they unfortunately may harbor dangerous germs that may compromise your child’s health.  Therefore, we ask that you have no more than 5 stuffed animals in your apartment at any time.  Any additional stuffed toys must be sealed in a plastic container.  All stuffed animals/toys must be laundered/cleaned on a regular basis. 



Your Initials for Section I



  1. Lodging Agreement:Meet with representative of the Yellow Door Foundation to review, sign and date the Lodging Agreement.

  2. Length of Stay:  While we are committed to meet the needs of all families to the best of our ability, Yellow Door’s contact at UVA Hospital will recommend your length of stay.  That length of stay depends directly on the timeframe of medical care provided by UVA Children’s Hospital. 

  3.   You will be given a key to access both the apartment and the clubhouse facilities of Stone Creek Village Apartments.

  4. Mail Box:  You do have access to mail at the apartment address.  A key to that mailbox will be provided upon your arrival.

  5. There is space for two vehicles to park adjacent to the apartment building.  Please keep your vehicle locked and personal items hidden from view.  The Yellow Door Foundation is not responsible for any damage or theft to your vehicle or its contents

  6. Wi-Fi is available at both the apartment and the Stone Creek Village Club House.  Access information will be provided at check-in. 

  7. Apartment Maintenance Contact:Lisa or Sheila – 434-872-9000.



Your Initials for Section II



  1. The Yellow Door Foundation offers accommodations for the patient and his/her immediate family.  The one-bedroom apartment sleeps no more than 4; the two- bedroom apartment sleeps up to 6.  Additional caregivers/family members are welcome on weekends at either apartment.  Any exceptions must have prior approval from the Yellow Door Foundation.

  2. Yellow Door provides bed linens, towels for both bathroom(s) and kitchen. 

  3.   The kitchen is fully equipped for your use.  In addition, you will find an initial supply of cleaning and paper products.

  4. Living Area:  The living area is furnished to provide a comfortable space for the family to relax.  It includes a Roku TV with local channel access.

  5.   The apartment is equipped with a full-size washer and dryer.



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  • RESPONSIBILITIES of the Guests:

  1. Permanent Residence:Guests must maintain a permanent residence other than the apartment provided by the Yellow Door Foundation.  The Yellow Door Foundation offers temporary quarters for single families for the sole purpose of assisting them while their child is undergoing medical treatment at the University of Virginia Children’s Hospital.

  2. :  There is no charge to stay at a Yellow Door apartment; however, a $10/night donation, or anything you can afford, will help offset apartment utilities, insurance and cleaning.  Your donation may be made by check or online at  The Yellow Door Foundation does not file any insurance claims.

  3.   Since the Yellow Door Foundation offers living arrangements for guests with immunocompromised patients, it is imperative that the apartment be kept clean and orderly. 

  4.   While all utilities are provided and paid for by the Yellow Door Foundation, we ask that guests be mindful of electrical use by turning off appliances and lights when not in use, especially when leaving the apartment for an extended period of time.   

  5.   Please maintain the thermostat at no more than 68 degrees for heat and 73 degrees for air conditioning. 

  6.   There is an electric fireplace in the apartment.  Please be mindful of turning it off when you leave the apartment.  

  7. NO SMOKING AND SUBSTANCE FREE SPACE:  No tobacco, vaping items or illegal drugs are permitted or allowed in the apartment.  Violation of this requirement calls for immediate termination of this agreement and immediate dismissal from the premises.

  8. NO FIREARMS:  There is a zero tolerance for possession of firearms in the apartment.  Violation of this requirement will result in immediate ejection from the property. 

  9. NO PETS:  Pets are NOT allowed at the apartment provided by the Yellow Door Foundation.  This is to enforce the cleanliness both for the occupying guests as well as any future immunocompromised guests.

  10. NO OPEN FLAMES:  For your safety and for those in adjacent apartments, NO candles or open flames are permitted.

  11. Food and Drink:Please confine eating and drinking to the kitchen, dining area and porch.   NO food and drink are permitted in the bedrooms.   Please clean up and store your food securely when you are finished eating/drinking.  Guests are responsible for any damage due to food and/or drink.

  12. There is a trash dumpster nearby the apartment.  It is the Guests’ responsibility to remove all trash routinely to avoid any trash build-up.  Please remove any remaining trash on the day of your departure.

  13. Fresh Plants and flowers:  Fresh plants and flowers are not allowed in the apartment.  Organisms that grow in dirt, water and plants can cause infection. 

  14.   Children up to 15 years of age must be supervised by an adult at all times, and never left alone in the apartment or the premises of Stone Creek Apartments for any reason.  At no time may anyone under the age of 14 be left alone in the apartment or any premises of the complex.  No one associated with the Yellow Door Foundation nor the apartment complex may provide medical care of any kind (including administering medications, caregiving duties, etc.) and are prohibited from doing so.  The apartment is NOT a medical facility.

  15. Cleaning Rags:  Cleaning rags are available for use on the floors, counters, and other surfaces.   Please do not use bed and bath linens as rags or for removing makeup or cleaning spills.  Upon your final departure, you may place any dirty linens on top of the washer. 

  16. Maintaining Laundry:  You are responsible for maintaining a regular routine of washing/drying the provided towels and linens, as well as your own laundry during your stay.

  17. Walls and Furniture:  Please do not attach anything to the walls or furniture including tape, nails, or tacks.  Please keep all walls and furniture free from any damage so that the apartment will be ready for the next guest.  Please refrain from rearranging any furniture.  It is carefully placed to maximize the use of the space.

  18.   Please keep all outside doors shut and locked at all times.  Please do not prop doors open nor leave them unattended.  This is a security risk and your health and safety are a top priority.

  19.   Please keep in mind that there are apartments adjacent to your living space provided by the Yellow Door Foundation.  We ask kindly that you refrain from playing the TV or other devices loud enough to disturb neighbors living at Stone Creek Village Apartments.

  20. :  You are responsible for the behavior of your guests while at Stone Creek Village.  If your guest(s) violate our rules and policies during their visit to The Stone Creek Village, your continued stay might be compromised.  Please ensure all guests know, understand and follow the rules.

  21. Personal Items:  The Yellow Door Foundation assumes NO responsibility for theft, loss, or damage to personal property of guests in or on the apartment complex property.  The Yellow Door Foundation does not provide flood, fire, casualty, or other insurance to cover any loss.  Please check for personal items upon your check out.  The Yellow Door Foundation is not responsible for any items left behind but will mail left behind items at the guest’s expense.



Your Initials for Section IV


  • Inventory List (Found in the Apartment):

  1. Apartment Contents:  Loss or damage to any apartment furnishings will be charged to the guest upon departure. 



Your Initials for Section V



Speaking for all members of my family, I hereby grant and authorize Yellow Door Foundation the right to take, edit, alter, copy, exhibit, publish distribute and make use of any and all photos or video taken of me and my family members to be used in and/or for legally promotional materials including, but not limited to, newsletters, flyers, posters, brochures, advertisements, fund raising letters, press kits and submissions to journalists, websites, social networking sites and other print and digital communications, without payment or any other consideration. 


This authorization extends to all languages, media, formats and markets now known or hereafter devised.  This authorization shall continue indefinitely, unless I otherwise revoke said authorization in writing.


I further agree that these materials shall become property of Yellow Door Foundation and will not be returned.


I hereby hold harmless, and release Yellow Door Foundation from all liability, petitions, and causes of action which I, my heirs, representative, executors, administrators or any other persons may make while acting on my behalf or behalf of my estate.


I authorize Yellow Door Foundation to divulge the first names of anyone in my family, understanding that our surname will never be used, referred to or published.


I have read and fully understand the contents, meaning and impact of this release.



Your Initials for Section VI

The Yellow Door Foundation Contact Information:

JoAnne McTague:    434-953-9123

Kathy Woodson:       434-962-1233


I have read this guest agreement in its entirety and agree that I am required to follow this agreement during my occupancy.  By signing this, I agree to hold harmless and relieve the Yellow Door Foundation, and Stone Creek Village Apartment staff, volunteers, board member(s) or any of their agents of any responsibility or liability for any illness, injury, loss or damage to me, my family, my guests or my personal belongings as result of being a guest of the Yellow Door Foundation.  I understand that, with prior notice to the occupants, the Yellow Door Foundation may inspect the apartment at any time for maintenance, routine inspections, or to show the apartment to potential investors.  The Yellow Door Foundation is happy to provide lodging accommodations for you, and we require that you maintain these rules and regulations to kindly “pay it forward” for the next family needing the same opportunity and care you received through the generosity and kindness of the Yellow Door Foundation, its volunteers and donors to occupy this apartment.




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