have been provided lodging by the foundation

since February 2018

Maggie & Brooke

Brooke and her daughter Maggie were a strong influence on JoAnne McTague in creating the Yellow Door Foundation.  While pregnant with Maggie, Brooke suffered a stroke.  The damage to Brooke was negligible, but the damage to Maggie was severe.  So much so, that she needed specialized treatment unavailable to her in Southwest Virginia.  She needed the help of UVA Children's Hospital in Charlottesville - five hours away.  Because services like this are outpatient, a place to stay during each visit is critical.  After discovering that 42% of these patients cannot afford lodging outside the home, JoAnne decided to do something about it. In May 2017, she founded the Yellow Door Foundation.

Raegan & Family

15-year old Raegan and her mom Tami were the first guests in the first Yellow Door apartment at Stone Creek Village  (Feb-18 to Jun-18).  They were there while Raegan battled leukemia. Her brother, sister, father and grandmother were able to visit on weekends, as long as they weren't sick. Thankfully, Raegan's  treatment was a success, and she is now back home with her family. They were grateful that Yellow Door was there for them during her intense treatment at UVA Children's Hospital.


Please help us support families like these!


Luis & Family

Luis, his parents and sisters were our third guests.  Sadly, on August 26, 2018,  Luis lost his 4-year battle with Ewing Sarcoma.  He had just celebrated his 20th birthday.  Luis was a talented artist, a kind soul and a die-hard Star Wars fan.  He and his family were loved by the doctors and nurses who treated him, his social workers and everyone at Yellow Door.  We  miss you Luis. 


May the Force be with you!

Riley & Family

4-year old Riley was born with a heart defect and came to UVA Children's Hospital in the summer of 2018 to get a heart transplant.  Doctors say that Riley holds the record for the quickest heart transplant recovery - released after only 13 days!   Riley and mom Samantha stayed at a Yellow Door apartment after her release from UVA.  Riley is now at home and thriving.  As you can see in the photo, Riley might have a new heart, but she is still in search of a few teeth!


Malakai & Family

Malakai had been at UVA Children's Hospital every minute since his birth in February 2018.  Follwing a heart transplant,  he and his mom,Karessa, lived full time at the apartment.   Dad, Percy, and Malakai's five siblings visited on the weekends.  The Yellow Door apartment was a much needed sanctuary for the entire family for two months. Sadly, after a series of complications, Malakai died May 23, 2019.  Our hearts are broken for the family of this wonderful little boy.

Jose Gabriel & Family

4-year old Jose Gabriel is the most complex pediatric patient we have had at Yellow Door.  He suffers from cerebral palsy, seizure disorders and a host of other issues! His  family is very grateful for  UVA Children's Hospital. Jose Gabriel's new normal is relying on a trach and a ventilator simply to breathe.  This makes Jose among the most immunocompromised patients we have had at Yellow Door.  The family has stayed at the apartments on two separate occasions.  To make things more challenging for his wonderful father and mother, Jose and Jacqueline, 3-year old sister Anaiah as yet is unable to walk.


Nothing is possible without your help!


Khansaa & Family

Baby Khansaa was born with a congenital heart defect known as Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, which can only be cured by a heart transplant.  For Khansaa, the transplant took place on September 27, 2018.  This special little girl recovered for 4 months at one of the Yellow Door apartments with mom Sephida, dad David and siblings Nehemiah, Joseph, Noah and Diamond.

Gracie & Family

4-Year old Gracie was diagnosed with liver cancer in July 2018.  She came to UVA Children's Hospital for a liver transplant in mid-October.  She and her mom Wendy stayed at the Yellow Door apartment for a month while she mended.  Her dad and brother visited on weekends. Sadly,  Gracie and her boundless energy and optimism have recently returned to UVA to battle lung cancer.



Silas & Family

We welcomed 4-year old Silas, his dad and grandmother in November, 2018. Silas had a heart transplant as an infant . . . a heart that is fully functioning without medications! Sadly, his compromised immune system has allowed a virus to attack his kidneys. He is back at UVA Children's Hospital from southern VA receiving weekly infusions in an effort to save those kidneys.

Miami & Family

We welcomed Miami and her family to Yellow Door from their home in West Virginia. Miami is a straight A student who had never missed a day of school, but was with us for  three months while she battled Leukemia at UVA Children's Hospital. Mom, Marie, was with her at all times and her dad, brother, sister and grandma traveled on weekends to lend support. 



Shellie& Family

Eleven year old Shellie does not have cancer or need a transplant, She has a genetic seizure disorder called Early Infant Epileptic Encephalopathy (EIEE), causing her brain to atrophy. Research has found that more than 50 genes are associated with EIEE, but routine genetic tests fail in at least half the cases to pinpoint the cause of the condition.   This means treatments and therapies are limited and the medical practitioner’s ability to alleviate the child’s symptoms is also limited.  So far, up to 300 daily seizures have cost Shellie her sight and the ability to walk. Her family and caregiver, who are from Southwest VA, have stayed with us on two separate occasions.


Jacob & Family

Jacob got his new heart and was released "home" to a Yellow Door apartment for his recovery and monitoring. Mom and sister Elaynah are with him during the week and dad visits on weekends. Jacob and family were the first occupants of our newly named and refurbished Kappa House.



Josh & Family

Young Josh's journey has been anything but easy. Even before his birth, mom Paulina knew that Josh had hypoplastic left heart syndrome - a complex and rare heart defect. The left side of the heart is critically underdeveloped.  For HLHS patients, heart surgery is a must. Josh had his first surgery at 3 days old, followed by another at eight months, and yet a third at age 3. Unfortunately, still more was needed. After living with half a heart for almost six years, Josh recently underwent a heart transplant, and in spite of some complications, his recovery is going well!

Paulina said "It's worth going through everything. To see him smiling is incomparable, to hear him say Mommy I love you, fills my whole being."

Thomas & Family

Thomas is 11 and will be at UVA Children's Hospital for several months fighting cancer. He was sidetracked with pneumonia, but is back on his chemo schedule. He will require surgery in the near future.   His grandma said "his whole demeanor changes when he gets back to the apartment and onto his beanbag lounger!

Thomas' mother Mia, who is also undergoing cancer treatment, visits on weekends.

Please keep this wonderful family in your thoughts and prayers.


Grayson & Family


All of a sudden 16 year-old Grayson was unable to walk. His spinal cord tumor, originally diagnosed when he was 5 years old, had grown.  While at UVA Children's Hospital for a tumor resection, he and his family received a new diagnosis of Stage 4 Glioblastoma, a rapidly growing, malignant brain tumor.  Shortly after surgery, an emergency procedure was required to stop bleeding in the spinal cord.  A few days later he suffered a pulmonary embolism, and then a stroke. After 33 days in the hospital, Grayson is now in rehab trying to regain strength and hopefully walk again. He has started radiation and chemotherapy treatments. His mom, Kara, said "we are so grateful to the Yellow Door Foundation for allowing us to use one of the apartments, which is a true haven and a blessing to be able to stay together as a family.

Jadan & Family

16 year old Jadan and her parents are from just outside Roanoke, VA. Jadan was diagnosed late last year with End Stage Renal (kidney) failure. For the high school honor student, the diagnosis came out of the blue. She had to undergo 7 1/2 hours of dialysis daily until a new kidney could be found. Last Thursday, one was! Thankfully, Jadan's surgery was successful, and after earning the nickname Rockstar at UVA Children's Hospital, she is continuing to recover at "home" in their Yellow Door apartment.


Gabe & Family

Our Dreamer apartment was home to 5-month-old Gabe and his family following his heart procedure.  Gabe and his 6-year-old sister Annie are both being treated for Cystic Fibrosis. During a routine exam, Gabe was found to have a coarctation of the aorta, a narrowing of the large blood vessel that leads from the heart, so he underwent corrective surgery at UVA Children's Hospital. 

Jude & Family

One-month-old Jude is our youngest patient to date.  He underwent a heart transplant at TWO-WEEKS-OF-AGE, which is hard to fathom! The little guy is still being weened off his sedation meds, but is hanging tough according to his dad!

Jude's parents are staying at the Dreamer apartment, and thanked us by saying


"it is beautiful and extremely cozy here, and we will be forever grateful to you guys for this blessing."

We will keep you updated on little Jude's progress.

Ben & Family

Seems hard to believe, but 6-year-old Ben and his family are the TWENTIETH family able to take advantage of a Yellow Door apartment since we opened our first apartment a short 18 months ago!!


​Young Ben was diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS) even before his birth.  He had open heart surgeries at 7-days-old, 6-months-old, and 4-years-old.  Sadly, none of the corrections supported him long, and he went into heart failure just after his 5th birthday, requiring more surgery. 

Ben has been able to join the rest of his family at the Stone Creek apartment, taking special advantage of their pool in this summer's oppressive central Virginia heat.

Priscilla& Family

Two-year-old Priscilla and her mom Jillian, from Bedford Virginia, are the 23rd family served by the Stone Creek Village Apartments of Yellow Door.


Priscilla has Pyruvate Carboxylase, or PC, deficiency, a rare genetic disorder characterized by failure to thrive, developmental delay, recurrent seizures and a failure of the body to produce the necessary fuels for energy. Mom Jillian said the disease causes her daughter's organs to shut down. PC deficiency is incredibly rare, Priscilla is one in 250,000 children born with the disease. There's no known cause and no known cure - a heartbreaking fact Jillian knows all too well. Her first baby, Scarlet, died of the same disease at only nine-months-old!


Jillian said “I've already let one baby go, I can't do that again."

After waiting on the liver transplant list, Jillian and Priscilla rushed to the University of Virginia Children’s Hospital for a 12-hour surgery.


Jillian’s Facebook post at Priscilla’s Purpose said the surgeon said that while still on a breathing tube with lots of medicine, Priscilla did fantastic – better than expected.

Her mother said it's a beautiful gift for Priscilla to live a long life. With the security provided by the lodging of Yellow Door, mom can concentrate on Priscilla and her recovery.

Tristan & Family

Eliza & Family