This Week at Yellow Door

We have good news and sad news at Yellow Door this week.

We are in the process of opening our third apartment at Stone Creek Village, and hope to have our 7th family in residence by September 13th. It is another 2-bedroom, first floor unit, ideal for immunocompromised and ADA patients and family members.

Since this was the third time we used furniture from IKEA, JoAnne asked for a price break. We are pleased to say that IKEA management agreed to provide the furniture for this apartment for free! Thank you IKEA. We have a crew of volunteers, ages 6 to 70, who have become adept at putting together the puzzle that is IKEA. Once you start working with IKEA instructions, you marvel at the brilliance of its design.

Our latest family will move into the new apartment next week.

Sadly, we lost our first Yellow Door resident. After a long, multi-year and courageous fight, Luis lost his battle with Ewing Sarcoma. Luis, a huge Star Wars fan, had just celebrated his 20th birthday. Our thoughts and prayers are with his parents and sisters, who were with him every step of the way. We will miss you Luis. May the Force be with You!

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