This Week at Yellow Door

(May 1, 2019)

We have lots of good news this week at the Yellow Door Foundation!

One of the first families served by Yellow Door was that of little Khansaa. Her mom Sephida had not held her baby girl for the first 7 months of her life while Khansaa was in the ICU awaiting a new heart. As you can see by the photo, mother and daughter are doing quite well!

All of us at Yellow Door were so impressed with Sephida's passion, her involvement in the transplant community, and her thorough knowledge of all things "pediatric heart transplant" that we knew we had to have her on our Board! With her background in marketing and brand management, we know she will be a huge asset as we continue to grow.

Khansaa's recovery isn't the only good news, as both Malakai and Jacob, pictured here with their awesome hair, are making great strides in their heart transplant recoveries. We all understand what must happen in order for a child to get a new heart, so we say God bless those families who made the heart transplants possible. We cannot imagine their pain, but hopefully that pain is lessened by knowing it made the continued lives of these children possible.

The Yellow Door Birthday Party Open House is only a few weeks away. Please check your "E-Mail Box" for your invitation that was sent a couple of weeks ago through If you do not find it, let us know! We and our caterers would appreciate an RSVP. Also let us know how many people you are bringing to see our apartments, meet our families and learn more about our mission.

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