This Week at Yellow Door

(June 26, 2019)

This week at Yellow Door we welcome our 16th family - 16 year old Jadan and her parents - from just outside Roanoke, VA. Jadan was diagnosed late last year with End Stage Renal (kidney) failure. For the high school honor student, the diagnosis came out of the blue. She had to undergo 7 1/2 hours of dialysis daily until a new kidney could be found. Last Thursday, one was! Thankfully, Jadan's surgery was successful, and after earning the nickname Rockstar at UVA Children's Hospital, she hopes to soon be released "home" to their Yellow Door apartment to continue her recovery.

You can follow her progress on Face Book at Jadan's Journey. Love those t-shirts!

Our sincere thanks to KAMMIE MEFFERT, artist and chef extraordinaire, for the awesome Yellow Barn Door canvas that now graces our Kappa Apartment.

We welcome any and all pictures with a yellow door for our current and future apartments.

We also ask that you consider joining our Sustainer's Club by making a tax deductible recurring donation, in any amount, today. (while you're thinking about it) Cheers!

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