This Week at Yellow Door

(July 21, 2019)

This week at Yellow Door, well actually last week, we welcomed our 19th family!

One-month-old Jude is our youngest patient to date. He underwent a heart transplant at TWO WEEKS OLD, which is hard to fathom! The little guy is still being weened off his sedation meds, but is hanging tough according to his dad!

Jude's parents are staying at the Dreamer apartment , and thanked us by saying "it is beautiful and extremely cozy here, and we will be forever grateful to you guys for this blessing."

We will keep you updated on little Jude's progress.

Also this week we want to send another HUGE shout-out to The Virginia Oil and Gas Association for their continued support!! JoAnne attended the VOGA annual meeting last month, and was able to finally thank folks in person for their generosity and belief in our mission! The group and individual donations this year were more than we could have hoped for, and resulted, not surprisingly, in more than a few tears from our Executive Director! To everyone at VOGA, we can't thank you enough for helping our Yellow Door families.

Your donations continue to make our support of these families possible.

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