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Two-year-old Priscilla and her mom Jillian, from Bedford Virginia, are the 23rd family served by the Stone Creek Village Apartments of Yellow Door.

Priscilla has Pyruvate Carboxylase, or PC, deficiency, a rare genetic disorder characterized by failure to thrive, developmental delay, recurrent seizures and a failure of the body to produce the necessary fuels for energy. Mom Jillian said the disease causes her daughter's organs to shut down. PC deficiency is incredibly rare, Priscilla is one in 250,000 children born with the disease. There's no known cause and no known cure - a heartbreaking fact Jillian knows all too well. Her first baby, Scarlet, died of the same disease at only nine-months-old!

Jillian said “I've already let one baby go, I can't do that again."

After waiting on the liver transplant list, Jillian and Priscilla rushed to the University of Virginia Children’s Hospital for a 12-hour surgery.

Jillian’s Facebook post at Priscilla’s Purpose said the surgeon said that while still on a breathing tube with lots of medicine, Priscilla did fantastic – better than expected.

Her mother said it's a beautiful gift for Priscilla to live a long life. With the security provided by the lodging of Yellow Door, mom can concentrate on Priscilla and her recovery.


Thanks to the generosity of Tip Top Restaurant on Pantops in Charlottesville, VA (1420 Richmond Road), we will be conducting our first fundraising raffle - a UVA Basketball National Championship Commemorative Bench! The bench will sit in the lobby of Tip Top from October 10th to November 10th, when the winning ticket will be drawn! Tickets are $5 each and available at Tip Top all day, every day! All proceeds go to support the Yellow Door mission.

The bench was created for us by longtime Yellow Door supporter Troy Cook and his team at Renaissance Contract Lighting & Furnishings, Inc. in Roanoke, Virginia. It is a high-quality, custom made, powder-coated masterpiece commemorating the awesome UVA run to the men's title in 2019.

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