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Thanks to three very special friends of Yellow Door, Santa paid a visit to a Yellow Door family. Channel 29 in Charlottesville filmed Santa making a visit to the Detweiler family staying at Yellow Door's Baer-Hart House at Stone Creek Village. Click here to watch the video.

By Moriah Davis | December 23, 2019

CHARLOTTESVILLE, V.A. (WVIR) - With Christmas just hours away, Santa dropped off some gifts ahead of schedule for one family. They have a sick child undergoing cancer treatment at the University of Virginia Children’s Hospital, but one organization is stepping in to make the holiday more cheerful.

Yellow Door Foundation provides housing for families who have a sick child at the children’s hospital. On Monday, two children are going to bed with big smiles.

It's a special delivery from Santa Claus for four-year-old Carter and two-year-old Eliza.

"Our son's favorite Christmas movie is The Polar Express, so that was neat to see that train,” Tim Detweiler, father of Carter and Eliza, said.

The Detweiler family comes to Charlottesville multiple times a week from Lynchburg for Eliza’s treatments, but on this trip, she had something to look forward to besides just another hospital visit.

"We’re really grateful for the Yellow Door Foundation,” Brittney Detweiler, father of Carter and Eliza, said.

The Yellow Door Foundation eases a family's stress by giving them one less thing to worry about while in the area.

"A lot of times after she gets her chemo treatments, she’s sick and so it’s about an hour 20-minute drive for us, so even that hour 20-minute drive to Lynchburg, sitting in a car seat is hard for her,” Brittney said.

Over time, Charlottesville is starting to feel just like Lynchburg.

"They’ve also gotten used to it. Carter and Eliza, have gotten used to it, so it’s sort of a second home for us,” Brittney said.

Tim says it’s a blessing for other people to be a blessing to his family during this time. “You can say it’s difficult, but until you’re actually going through it, you don’t realize how difficult it is. I’m still working full time, been trying to go to work and trying to come up with her for treatments and appointments.”

The family will be staying with the Yellow Door Foundation until the end of March when Eliza’s treatments are over.

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