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Cuteness Alert! Today we share Nathan's story! He, his parents and sisters are our 25th Yellow Door family!

Nathan's father shared his story:

"Nathan was born with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. He was treated with chemotherapy for the first 6 months of his life. As of last year, Nathan has been cancer-free. However, a day after Nathan started his first-grade year, he became quite ill and doctors found that he had severe heart problems. The life-saving chemotherapy he received as a newborn left him with heart failure. UVA Children's Hospital's transplant team determined that Nathan needed a new heart, and they worked tirelessly to keep Nathan alive until one was found. On Thanksgiving day, Nathan received a new heart and a few days before 2020 he was discharged from the hospital and is recovering with his family at one of the Yellow Door Foundation apartments near the hospital.

The first photo of Nathan and his little sister surrounded by balloons was sent by his first-grade teacher and classmates before the transplant. Even though Nathan only attended the Yorktown Elementary School for a few days, his classmates regularly send him letters of support and the school community also helped us financially. We never expected to receive so much support from people who had never met us and from a new community. Thank you Yorktown Elementary School community for your help and moral support.

Here is Nathan on Thanksgiving Day before receiving his new heart. We are so grateful to the donor family for their wonderful gift.

Nathan and his sister, Riley, a month after the transplant, enjoying snow for the first time of their lives in front of the Yellow Door apartment.

Nathan's family inside the Yellow Door apartment. Thinking Yellow Door is a person, Nathan said "I will give you flowers." and "Thank you for the house you gave us."

Thank you Yellow Door for giving us a cozy place to stay for a few weeks.

We would like also to thank the UVA transplant team headed by Doctor L'Ecuyer for saving our son's life!"

Sincere thanks to all of our Yellow Door Supporters for enabling us to help families like Nathan's. To broaden the reach of Yellow Door, please share on your social media. Thanks!

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