This Week at Yellow Door

We are excited and humbled by a recent commitment from Emily and ReMi, two loan officers at the River City Lending Team of Movement Mortgage in Richmond, who pledged $100 for every loan they fund in 2020, matched dollar-for-dollar by Movement's Foundation. Movement Mortgage founder and CEO is former UVA football great Casey Crawford.

Did you know . . .

  • Yellow Door was founded in May 2017

  • we welcomed our first family in February 2018

  • we opened our 4th apartment in December 2019

  • to date, we have served 31 families

  • the youngest child was 2 weeks old and the oldest 19 years

  • average age of the children is 7 years 4 months

  • the longest stay was over 10 months, while the average stay is 65 days. Think of where you would stay for 65 days, let alone 288 days. Few of us have those resources.

  • our families come from all over Virginia and West Virginia, with an average trip of 140 miles. Imagine enduring a 2-hour or more commute after undergoing chemotherapy.

Please give monthly to provide ongoing support to these families in need. Won't you consider signing up for any amount on a recurring monthly basis? If your answer is YES, click here.

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