This Week at Yellow Door

(October 7, 2018)

8-month old Malakai got a clean bill of health from UVA Children's Hospital, so he, his new heart, and his mom Keressa finally went home to be with the rest of the family. It was a pleasure serving them at the apartments.

We would like to recognize the artists who have donated some of their works that adorn the walls of the Yellow Door Apartments. This week, we recognize Bill and Jen Beebe. The award-winning art of our friend William R. Beebe hangs in private collections the world over, and now some of his original oils and some prints hang in the Yellow Door apartments too!

Bill and his wife Jen are big supporters of the Yellow Door mission.

"We have donated reproduction prints to a number of worthy causes over the years, but this charity touched us in a big way, and we knew we wanted to do more. Because we believe art has a healing power and that it would enhance the beautiful apartments that Joanne and Yellow Door are so thoughtfully providing, we donated several original oil paintings . We so believe in the Yellow Door Foundation and their mission of providing lodging and support to patients and their families. We are honored to play a small role in trying to make a difference for these families in their time of need. We are truly inspired by Joanne’s lifetime commitment to helping others. The Yellow Door Foundation is just another example of her tireless generosity of time and talent."

Here are samples of Bill's work, found at his gallery in Mt Pleasant, SC and online at

Please consider supporting our families. Even a little bit, helps a lot!

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