This Week at Yellow Door

Having served 32 families and preparing to welcome our 33rd this week, we often get asked for updates on our pediatric patients! We thought we'd start a "where are they now" series, starting with Jacob.

Jacob's mom Allie recently told us "He has hit his one-year anniversary for his heart transplant! He is thriving more than I ever thought possible. Since our stay, he has learned to walk and run, say more than 15 words, and will eat anything and everything under the sun. He has such an amazing personality shining through, and doesn’t let anything slow him down."

We are so grateful to be a part of ensuring positive outcomes for children like Jacob !

How has Covid-19 affected Yellow Door?

Gratefully, it hasn't! If anything, it has shown us the strength of our apartment model, especially in trying times like these. As other businesses close, we remain open, serving the most vulnerable immunocompromised patients and their families, who are safely sequestered in one of our four Yellow Door homes.

We were concerned that donations would drop off during this difficult economic time. Thankfully, donations over the last two weeks have shown us that people have recognized how serious this virus is for the immunocompromised patients that Yellow Door serves. We are so grateful to everyone who has stepped up to help our families. If you are able, we encourage you to send any amount in a tax-deductible contribution to our mission.

Well, coach Tony Bennett signed the Championship Bench and gave a great shout out for Yellow Door and the bench on his radio show. We printed 500 raffle tickets and started selling chances online. Then the virus hit. While you still can purchase raffle tickets at our website, we have postponed the drawing until things settle down.

Stay safe!

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