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Our wonderful 6-year-old, Zeke, getting to enjoy a hike after 72 days of inpatient treatment at UVA Children's hospital.

We say goodbye, for now, and wish safe travels to Zeke's family as they depart for Philadelphia, @childrensphila, where Zeke will receive further treatment. Keep dancing, Zeke!

Here is an update on Gracie's journey:

Gracie and her family were with us in October and November of 2018. She's pictured here doing the things she loves. Her mom, Wendy, recently shared the following:

"On June 12, 2018, at the age of four, Gracie was diagnosed with Hepatoblastoma, a tumor in her liver. After she underwent a liver transplant that October at UVA Children's hospital, our family was introduced to the Yellow Door Foundation.

We had no idea a Foundation like Yellow Door even existed. Our time after the transplant was both inpatient and outpatient, so staying at the beautiful apartment was so appreciated! It's been a little over a year and half since Gracie's transplant. She had a relapse a couple months after her transplant, then fought thru 2 bouts of liver rejection, but is doing well.

Gracie completed kindergarten at Churchville Elementary School this past school year. She loved it! She signed up for softball and had several practices before the season was canceled due to Covid 19. Gracie remains active at home. She has a cat named Jewel and favorite hound dogs Willow, Molly and Diesel. She enjoys being outside and LOVES that she can finally enjoy some water play since her central catheter (PICC line) was removed. She's anxiously awaiting a beach trip! Gracie had a scan last September, which showed "no evidence of disease"; but since Hepatoblastoma is rare, she was transitioned to a "maintenance treatment." She still undergoes chemotherapy every 21 days, which will run for 2 years from this past September. Fortunately, she only needs to go to the clinic once every 21 days. If all goes well, Gracie looks forward to starting first grade and being back with her friends again soon!"

Sincere thanks to all those who have supported families like Gracie's and truly transformed lives.

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