This Week at Yellow Door

(October 14, 2018)

7-month old Khansaa spent her first full day out of the hospital in two months. Mom Sephida said "Grateful is an understatement to how we feel having her home with us. Although Yellow Door is a temporary home away from home, it is such a blessing being here, and the [immunocompromised-protected ] environment is perfect for Khansaa."

There are many families like Sephida, who without Yellow Door would have nowhere to stay while their baby recovers. Only you can make it possible for us to help more families like Sephida's. Please consider giving a monthly donation to help us secure a fourth apartment for these deserving families.

The good folks at Crutchfield in Charlottesville made a gift of a 55" Sony Smart TV for use in our 3rd apartment.

Last week, we featured the art of William R. Beebe, who so graciously donated some of his work to hang in the Yellow Door Foundation apartments. This week, we recognize the photography of Greg Baer.

Greg has captured magnificent images the world over, from Alaska to Africa, Patagonia to polar bears in northern Canada. Whether it was the majesty of the world’s great cities to staggeringly beautiful vistas, to witnessing the innocence of great animals, Greg was there to capture it for us. Now he has made many of those warm images available to the Yellow Door apartments.

In addition, long-time friends of Executive Director JoAnne McTague, Greg and his wife Clare are the sponsors of the first Yellow Door apartment.

Greg also turns these images into one-of-a-kind postcards that are available at Here are some samples:

"I have known JoAnne for over 30 years. When she approached my wife Clare and me, about starting the Yellow Door Foundation, we were not surprised. JoAnne and her husband Jeff both have great empathy and big hearts. Add to that the desire and will to help others, and you have the beginning of a very outstanding recipe. We knew this endeavor would be a great success - on a personal scale for those in need and on a grand scale for the community.

Naturally, I was honored to donate some of my photographs to JoAnne and Yellow Door. I have always felt that a photograph, or any visual art, has the power to transport the viewer to another place. I can only hope the people who view the photographs look into them and find peace and solace."

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