This Week at Yellow Door

(October 28, 2018)

Join us in welcoming four-year old Gracie and her mom Wendy as the eighth family served by one of our Yellow Door apartments. Gracie just had her cancerous liver replaced, and is staying at the apartment while UVA Children's Hospital doctors and nurses keep a close eye on her recovery.

Each time a new family moves into a Yellow Door apartment, our partners at City Walk Apartments provide us with a colorful basket full of goodies. Those baskets serve double duty holding the dozens of pills and injections that must be administered by the parents at precise times throughout the recovery period.

We encourage you to share our website and Facebook page with as many people as you can.

To continue the work of serving families whose children have cancer or are in need of a transplant, we depend on donations, both big and small, from generous people like you. Become a Family Support Partner with a monthly donation to help these families through a most trying time. Giving starts as low as $10 / month.

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