This Week at Yellow Door - We have a winner!

We are happy to announce Kyle Lewis of Charlottesville as the lucky winner of our 2019 UVA Basketball National Championship Bench! As you can tell by his attire, Kyle was worthy!

Sincere thanks to all of our supporters who purchased almost 1,000 tickets during the 30 days of the raffle, culminating with the drawing on November 10th at Tip Top Restaurant!

The raffle would not have been possible without the generosity, not to mention the skill, of the folks at Renaissance Lighting and Furnishings of Roanoke Virginia, who designed and donated this awesome, high quality bench! We also want to thank Random Row Brewing Company, Wilk Hall, Timberwood Grill, Stony Point Market and Lisa Nuckols Hair Salon for volunteering to help us sell tickets. We could not have pulled this off without the ongoing support of Terry, Josie and the staff at Tip Top Restaurant in Charlottesville, who allowed us to display the bench in the restaurant's foyer and promoted the Yellow Door Foundation to the masses who walked through their doors each day.

In keeping with the college basketball theme, we chose an Elite 8 Final list, then a Final 4, Semi-Final and Winner. A shout out to Theresa, Melanie, Debbie and Mateen from Tip Top, who drew our finalists!

All proceeds from the raffle, $4,635, will go directly toward establishing our 4th apartment at Stone Creek Village...opening later this month!

As you know, the need for money to continue our mission never ends. Please consider sending what you can, either a recurring monthly draw or a single donation. From all of us at Yellow Door, thank you in advance!

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